Black Star Looks at High Performance Satellite Options

Left to right Jim Remedio, Johnny Ng, Gerry Pyne

Left to right Jim Remedio, Johnny Ng, Gerry Pyne

QRAM met with AsiaSat Representatives Johnny Ng and Tik Yau in Singapore at CommunicAsia2016 to discuss satellite distribution options that will enhance Black Star’s satellite system for wide-band stereo coverage across Australia. This will lead to expanded markets that will more broadly distribute important messages and entertainment to a wider population of Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Black Star believes people living in remote and isolated communities deserve high quality radio services similar to those available in cities and regional areas. AsiaSat has modern high performance satellite services for region-wide coverage and connectivity incorporating a superior satellite platform for video distribution, DTH and broadband networks. They have competitive cost structures and high power Ku-band coverage for Australia and East Asia with excellent look angles across footprints.

Delivery methods for this system are simple and easily achieved and the needs of remote broadcasters like QRAM can be fully realized through the AsiaSat system.

QRAM has a policy to bring satellite services into line with current industry standards and this will guarantee a higher standard of delivery to remote Australia for remote radio services.

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