QRAM Meets President and CEO of RCS Broadcast Systems

RCS CEO/President

Left to right Jim Remedio, Philippe Generali, Gerry Pyne

President and CEO of RCS Sound Software, Philippe Generali was in Singapore this week at the International Broadcast Asia Conference. RCS Sound Software products, Zetta, G-Selector and Aquira play a substantial role in QRAM’s Black Star Radio system and it was a great opportunity to have top level discussions with our product partners. Black Star is the second largest network in the world to use RCS’s Site Replication Technology to schedule, monitor and distribute content across its 15 station network. The President was very impressed that an Indigenous organisation in remote Australia has so readily adopted this world class innovative technology that continues to improve the life style of people living in some of most parts of the world. Black Star recognises the call from the Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull in this current climate in Australia for companies to be agile, innovative and resilient. Asia Pacific Manager Keith Williams noted that RCS and QRAM have a strong partnership that works well for both parties. Black Star is continuing to widen its network with the eminent opening of its new service for Cooktown coming soon which will take the network to 16 stations.

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