Wujal Wujal Upgrade

If you are looking for a beautiful place to visit when you have a spare day then you could not pick a better place to visit than the town of Wujal Wujal it is so good that they named it twice.

Wujal Wujal community is situated in South-Eastern Cape York on the Bloomfield River, 172 km north of Cairns and 70 km south of Cooktown.  The community covers 11.2 square km, and includes 6 outstations most of which are permanently occupied.

Wujal Wujal has a population of 361; mostly KuKu Yalanji people with about 30 traditional owner clan groups.  The main clan group languages are Kuku Yalanji, Kuku Nyungul and Jalunji.

QRAM staff took the coast road through Mossman on to Daintry over the ferry through Cape Tribulation dodged the cassowaries all the time taking in the beautiful rainforest and sea views over two new bridges to arrive at Wuja Wuja.

It was not all a sight seeing trip even though it is part of the job for manager of QRAM and Black Star Gerry Pyne. Gerry was on a mission to install a new ZETA play out system on to the Black Star network No 14 on the network.!!!!!

Yes that’s right 14 world class broadcast play out systems through out remote Queensland making up the Black Star radio network. The systems were funded by Prime Minister In Cabinet as part of an innovative and agile model setting new standards for radio broadcasting in remote Australia.

These systems are so different, it is difficult to explain in layman’s terms, but the results are there for all to see and hear.

Local broadcaster Russell Bowen formally of Hopevale had no problems adopting the new system and could not wait to get into the 22,000-song play list

For more information about Black Star visit the web site http://www.qram.com.au

Russel Bowen - Local Operator Wujal Wujal

Russel Bowen – Local Operator Wujal Wujal









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