Black Star breaks new ground

After the recent launching of its new radio station in Cook Town, Black Star followed up with an outside broadcast from in front of its sponsors business the “Lure Shop” in the Cook Town Main Street this morning.

The broadcast was fronted by Black Star veteran announcer Greg Reid on the regular “breakfast program” followed by the current affairs program “morning focus,”.

Both programs features a rich array of local talent, including Cook Shire Council Mayor, Peter Scott talking about cyclone preparation, Indigenous Land management Rangers, students from the Cook Town P-12 school, including Shanay Bevan a year 10 student travelling to Japan next month  to study languages.

The broadcast attracted a large number of visitors from the community with an overwhelming show of interest for the new radio service.

Black Star also broke new ground with the outside broadcast equipment that was used. A new model Tie Line called “ViA” was used. QRAM was the first customer to aquire the new equipment from Tieline. “This new technology is the definitive remote codec of our generation” says Tieline CEO William McLean. “the revolutionary new ViA portable codec sets a new standard in wireless remote broadcasting.”

The new Tieline Via first Use

The new Tieline Via first Use


The new equipment perfermed perfectly making the broadcast a huge success.

Black Star looks forward to taking this technology to other communities adding a new dimention to local broadcasting throughout its network.




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