QRAM launches new service at Lakeland Downs

Lakeland is situated at the crossroads of the Peninsula Developmental Road, heading north up through the Cape towards Weipa and the Mulligan Highway heading east to Cooktown.

But don’t expect to see legendary guitarist Ry Cooder or ol’ Robert Johnson out there bashing out a blues tune.

If you are lucky enough to be passing through on the way to the Cape or Cooktown, tune into the new Black Star radio frequency 100.5 FM for not just deadly blues and rock and roll but all the latest sounds.


The Lakeland service has been on the QRAM planning schedule for about 2 years and with the good will of our sponsors and Cook Shire we have switched on the new service today.

QRAM was fortunate to be able to locate the transmitter on a Cook Shire tower that was formerly used for the analogue TV reception. With the roll-out of direct-to-home TV, the tower had been made redundant. QRAM was able put it to good use as a transmission site for the Black Star service.

The Lakeland service overlaps with the Cooktown Service and combined with the Cooktown 96.9 FM gives an amazing coverage of approximately 140 Kilometres of Highway which was formerly a radio blackspot.

Late night truck drivers and travellers will appreciate the quality service, which provides on the hour news, local weather and road conditions updates.

QRAM continues to stick to its schedule filling in these radio black spots in the Cape and Gulf. Listeners in Coen, Croydon, Burketown, and Ayton  are on QRAM’s bucket list to roll out new Black Star services in the future.

One response to “QRAM launches new service at Lakeland Downs

  1. Thanks Kimberly

    Yes it’s exciting, there is lot’s of new and exciting stuff on Black Star Radio, I subscribe to their website, it’s 96.7 in Atherton, at 2Kwatts, but it needs either more power or some one to look at the transmitting output, it’s good local, in Atherton, but drops off a lot 15 Klms out of Atherton, unfortunately, except to the Malanda road.

    All the best music, and a couple of times there has been Corrobree music, which takes me to wonderful places when I hear it.

    Thank you for the notification. It is good to hear you sounding and going well.

    Kind regards


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