Black Star Celebrates Aurukun Day

On Friday the crew from the Black Star hub were in Aurukun to help celebrate Aurukun Day with the locals. We set up outside the Retail Store and broadcast live for several hours while the town came out to say hi. Sai Martinovora hosted the program and spoke to many towns people including Mayor Dereck Walpo.

Mayor Derek Walpo interviewed on Black Star Radio

Sai Martinovora and Aurukun Mayor Dereck Walpo Aurukun Day Broadcast Aug 2017

The broadcast systems at Aurukun were also upgraded during the day and they now have a new digital FM Transmitter and satellite decoder.

The Aurukun community was the end of a Cape York maintenance visit to three radio stations;  Lockhart River, Napranum Weipa and Aurukun. Black Star hears we have picked up new fans in the local Police, who listen to the station during their patrolling and have become rusted-on listeners.

Kids at Aurukun

Aurukun is also the first community to be completely connected to QRAM’s new Remote Monitoring System (RMS). The RMS will raise an alarm within minutes should anything go wrong with the radio systems at Aurukun, as well as collecting 24/7 data on parameters such as satellite signal reception, inside room temperature, power trends etc. For our remote radio services, without a technician  a quick drive away, this will greatly enhance reliability, as early warning signs and interventions can be managed effectively.  Rolling out for all sites across the Black Star network, it is the only system of its kind in the Indigenous Broadcasting Industry.

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