First flights land in Pormpuraaw.

QRAM Board member and Councillor Bert Edwards was part of the first emergency team to land in Pormpuraaw this morning. The power company is now on the ground and assessing the situation. Health services are returning to normal.

QRAM TREASURER Bert Edwards – Pormpuraaw

The primary health care centres at Pormpuraaw and Kowanyama reopened as normal today following the weekend’s Cyclone Nora.
“It is business as usual for our health services in both communities,’’ Torres and Cape Hospital and Health Service Interim Chief Executive Terry Mehan said.
“Thankfully, everyone in the communities and our staff are safe and we’ve had no reports of any serious injuries. As both community airstrips are operational, we will also be despatching our various visiting specialist clinics this week to the two communities as normal. Maintenance teams also are either already on site or on their way to do a full assessment of any damage and begin any repairs.”
“At this stage, we have had no reports of any significant damage. Currently, both clinics remain on generator power as mains power is still off-line.’’

Mr Mehan said 21 vulnerable clients and carers from Kowanyama and Pormpuraaw who had been evacuated to Cairns on Friday would be returned to their communities later in the week.

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