Praise for Responsibility Theory

Its not all about The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)  How do you teach students who say ‘I hate Maths’ through an intensive self- motivating brain based program and changing the mental mantra to ‘I love maths’.  On his search for enlightenment and the middle way,where physical reality can be an illusion in our minds like Monkey Magic as he travelled from China to India to find the ancient scrolls.

Black Star morning focus presenter Greg Reid interviewed Dr Ragnar Purje  about his theories behind his recent publication Responsibility Theory (Who’s got the power?),the publication is certain to make an important contribution in the field of personal and classroom behaviour management where teachers, administrators, students and parents can all work together, the aim of which is to provide students with the knowledge and the power to make positive choices, not only in the classroom, but also for their entire life. Dr Ragnar Purje is also the author of ANRME© Advanced Neurological Restructuring and Muscular Enhancement, which he published in 2011, where he reported on his unique applied movement therapy and associated neurological and brain plasticity research.


In some regard for indigenous student,s the theory touches on a middle way, living and sharing enlightenment from both worlds, like Monkey and his travellers, in time some may be a bit slower and some more advanced, whatever the outcome NAPLAN or what ever comes after. The book Responsible Theory  shines  shines a torch on indigenous teaching. The book has received a number of endorsements from teachers who have been active in Indigenous communities.


For Greg Reid did he find enlightenment, well thats another blog. Listen here 

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