Senator Nita Green

Nita Green

Nita Green Senator for Queensland, is one of the new young Labor senators that comes with qualifications that are in tune with a modern Australia and their aspirations. In her introductory speech to the Senate, she acknowledged the local Gingangie people from the Yarrabah region, as well as the local Ngunnawal people of Canberra. Her speech was inspirational for the local Gingangie people to hear their name in the national parliament and their community was the talk of Yarrabah.

Senator Green, spoke to Greg Reid on morning focus today about a range of issues, from the current flag discussions, to her growing up in western Sydney, a dark place in many ways in her life.

Nita is part of the new generation of parliamentarians, who have entered politics to have their say, she is part of the Labour Party indigenous Caucus where issues are discussed before going to the main party caucus. Nita is determined, that people in regional areas have a voice and has an open door policy to listen to the people and take their issues to Canberra,

Listen here to Nita Green

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