Jim Moginie takes the family dog for a walk to Cairns

If you are looking for a rocking night of with music, that puts Australian music culture up front, at a venue that is in the centre of a rain forrest, inside a huge concrete tank, then don’t miss this Cairns show, at the Tanks.

Jim Moginie, is an entertainment journeyman and the journey for Jim, has no end in sight. Jim continues to knock out great music arrangements and lyrics in the same style and innovation that propelled “Midnight Oil” to the top of  Australia’s great bands of the last century.

Jim continues to be a part of the Oils, just coming off a world concert tour that received rave reviews. He has not long come back from Germany and is embarking on an Australian tour. Talking with Greg Reid on Black Star morning focus this morning, he covered a lot of the past, his music and how he came to name the band “The Family Dog”

Jim’s first Family Dog album, Alias Folkloric, came after the Oils break up. But that did not stop Jim from performing and recording 2 albums with “The Break”with ex Oils members, and other engagements with friends.

His latest album “Bark Overtures” has been 12 years in the making. The downtime lit a fire under him to finish it and he and Kent Steedman finally pulled it together. Other members of the band are Drummer Paul Loughhead, and Multi Instrumentalist, Tim Kevin. The new album  captures those special moment that add to the journey of Jim Mogine.

listen here to Jim 


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