Top Brass Visits QRAM headquarters

Staff from Canberra and Cairns office of ICC dropped into the QRAM headquarters to check on operations and to discuss issues surrounding the operations of the remote radio services in Cape York, Gulf country and Western Queensland.

Brian Kelly IBP, Karlene Savage ICC in Cairns, Cameron Logue, IBP Canberra

They were really interested in the roll out of the Black Star network and were able to grasp the technology behind the Wide Area Network (WAN) service which has  bought remote radio into the modern age, with broad apeal content and a youth focus.

The service is now conected to 7 of the remote stations with Doomadgee and Napranum due to be connected in the coming weeks, taking the communities that will be on the Black Star service to 14.

The network is a unique way to provide program support services to communities, as it allows all the benefits of  local content inserts and a consistant bed service of news and weather 7 days a week.  Read more about Black Star here.

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