Lockhart River Radio Upgrade

QRAM Manager Gerry Pyne and Network Coordinator Gilmore Johnston have been busy on the job at Lockhart River installing a new play out system. The new Zetta system supported by RCS Australia brings Lockhart River’s local Black Star station into line with world’s best practices for broadcasting services.


Local operator Denise Fruit (Right) interviews local road gang crew


This is part of QRAM’s policy of bringing remote radio services up to the same quality as those services in mainstream Australia – as we say “QRAM believes that people living in remote communities deserve radio services as good as those in the major towns and cities of our nation.”

Our new system allows QRAM to guarantee reliable services for communities into the future. They mean good entertainment, news, weather and emergency services information for people throughout remote broadcast areas, interactive services with local participation supported by a strong central hub and also accurate accountability to Government and Commercial organisations that want to use radio in remote communities to deliver information and messages.

Local Operator Denise Fruit (Centre) Interviews Veranda Cafe Barista

Representatives from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet get a hands on tour of Lockhart River Upgrades


10 services in the Black Star network are now using the new systems, and our upgrade schedule for the remaining three continues with all due to be completed in the coming months.

It’s a big job but we’re here to do it! So that’s Lockhart River done – now its off to the NPA next week to roll out the new system in that region – stay tuned…

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