Black Star Central Now on NBN

Black Star Central was connected to the National Broadband Network today. This connects Black Star into the modern super highway with speeds of

High Speed NBN at QRAM

High Speed NBN at QRAM

around 90 Mbps for download and 40 Mbps for uploads. This further enhances the innovative network that QRAM has throughout the Cape York and Gulf regions. The world class Zetta platform that is at the heart of the Black Star network is now connected to ultra high speed hubs in both Cairns and Sydney from all remote sites. This is unique in remote broadcasting and it ensures a high degree of resilience and stability for communities within the network.

The Federal Government’s National NBN program makes this possible and it allows QRAM to provide a highly professional broadcasting service throughout the region. People living in remote Communities benefit every day as a result with a high class modern radio service that keeps them informed, entertained and warns them when natural disaster events threaten.

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