Mau Power. He’s got the Power

Patrick Mau, aka “Mau Power” indigenous Hip Hop artist who has the amazing ability and form of words that capture the Torres Strait Island Culture and combines it all into explosive story telling lyrics has launched a new album Blue Lotus The Awakening (now available Apple music I tunes Spotify Google play and Deezer)

Mau Power Patric Mau Jim Remedio Greg Reid

Patrick came into the Black Star studios and spoke about his new album and history of HIp Hop and his journey. Performing is in the blood as they say, Patrick is the grand son of the revered Seaman Dan who he collaborated with on Seamen’s album ‘Ailan Man’ in the song Patrick’s talent links the lyrics to another of his grandfathers song ‘Perfect Pearl’. Patrick’s journey has seen him have a stint at Radio Torres Strait as a broadcaster and as a cray fish diver and he also worked on the inter island barges, delivering stores to all of the islands.

Seaman Dan is very proud of his number Two grandson “Seaman said that ‘of all his grandchildren, Patrick is the only one that takes after him in music, even though its Rap he said”. But its still music and he likes it.

Listen to the interview

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