Black Star Launches New clothing lines

Are you looking for that special present or are you just looking for a great designed polo shirt, that will make you look and feel deadly? Well look no further than the new release of the Black Star polo shirts.

The shirts designed by Shaun Creek and Sam Martin can be identified by their strong fresh water, salt water designs infused with the red dust country of Cape York and depict the contrast of the country of our broadcast area.

A feature of this years design is the special branding of the individual community radio station. The shirts make an excellent gift or XMAS present they are of high quality and can be worn with pride

Bulk orders are available for Councils, and the shirts come in all popular sizes there are also small sizes for the children and also Black Star caps and Black Star coffee cups.

Be early and get your merch we also have Black Star Caps, Black Star, Coffee Mugs,  just call Sam at  Black Star during working hours and enjoy your purchase.



Specially designed shirts with your community Radio Station and the frequency

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